WireTray Installation Instructions


  • 1 anodized aluminum channel 35"
  • 2 black ABS plastic end caps
  • 5 interlocking black ABS plastic hooks

Step 1:

Slide all 15 hooks into the channel. The hooks can insert with their top tab or with their back tab. Use the top tab if mounting underneath a horizontal surface such as underneath your desk or work surface. Use the hooks' back tab if mounting to the wall or on a vertical surface. Install all 15 hooks accordingly. You will notice that the hooks interconnect when appropriately installed, and fill the channel end to end once all 15 hooks are installed, set aside.

Step 2:

Make sure the screws are not too long and will not protrude through the desk or mounting surface.  Plastic or metal anchors (not included) should be used if mounting to drywall, block, or concrete.  These are readily available at any hardware store.  If using anchors, utilize the screws included.  Any #6 or #8 screw will fit into the end caps.

Step 3:

Next, hold the channel with the 15 hooks in place, mark the ends of the channel with a pencil, and then set it aside again.  Install one of the end caps in the desired location.

Step 4:

Place the aluminum channel with 15 hooks into the one end cap that is screwed into place. Line up the second end cap so that it can be screwed in. If using anchors, the drill location can be marked first.

You are now ready to load up the assembly with your cords. Enjoy.